Interior Stone

Cool, organic and luxuriously beautiful, coral stone tiles are a natural choice for interior flooring. Offering at once cutting-edge design and timeless appeal, coral stone provides a superlative decorative element that enhances a home. Equally enticing is its consummate quality, enabling this stone to last for generations. Known for its frequent outdoor use around pools and on patios, the installation of coral stone for interior flooring is an increasingly coveted selection.

The intricate designs and rich textures of living coral set this stone apart from all others. Bearing the imprint of myriad fossilized remains, this fossil stone displays the character and depth of its natural origins. Moreover, harvested from dormant coral reefs, natural coral stone’s array of neutral colors ensures that there is a tile to enliven and enrich any home.

It is a natural ability to remain cool underfoot even in the hottest climates, among other unique features, that makes coral stone tiles so ideally suited to ocean homes. This may well explain their popularity throughout Florida and the Caribbean. The additional detail of a non-skid surface lends a level of practicality to coastal living along with the benefit of the tile’s innate beauty.

A particularly alluring addition to an entryway, its lovely natural patterns imbuing it with understated elegance, coral stone imparts subtle sophistication throughout the home. From the Old World charm it bestows on a dining room to the cool chic conferred on a bedroom to the sleekly refined ambience rendered to a bathroom, coral stone tiles offer incomparably eclectic good looks.

The mixture of superb design, abiding durability and environmental responsibility make coral stone flooring a transcendent addition to home décor.

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