Marble Tiles

From the geological point of view, marble is compact metamorphic rock formed from limestone rocks. These rocks reach a high degree of crystallization when subjected to high pressures and temperatures. Calcium carbonate is the basic building block of marble, over 90% and the remaining 10% consists of other components that are responsible for the physical properties of this stone and its great variety of colors. When marble is subjected to abrasive polishing process, reaches a high level of natural brightness without chemicals or waxes.

Natural stone concentrates all its beauty in marble. And the elegant designs of this ancient stone enhances its charm with different finishes: polished, sawn, honed, rustic, old, bush-hammered, sandblasted.

Highly qualified staff performs the preparation, classifying in detail each material following precise criteria regarding the characteristics of each batch and type of marble. The procedure ends with a final inspection and packaging of each piece in heavy duty packaging.

Black Marble – Negro Marquina

Elegant and classic. Dark gray, almost black, with white veined, ideal for use in public areas for its high strength and shine. Its use in large-scale constructions. Continues to providing great architectural presence. Apparent specific gravity 2.69 g / cm…

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Brown Marble – Marron Imperial

Marron Imperial -Imperial Brown It is a stone of great quality with great architectural presence that blends perfectly with light-toned marble. It is characterized by dark brown with lighter uniforms veins. Apparent specific gravity 2.68 g / cm ³ Absorption…

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Red Stone – Rojo Alicante

This is a beautiful marble and incredible texture and reddish fine-grained white veins. Its magnificent colorful creates a sense of positive energy that favors its use in public and private works. Density 2.67 g / cm ³ Absorption coefficient 0.34%…

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Crema Marfil

Crema Marfil It is one of the best known Spanish marbles nationally and internationally and certainly the most used. It is very appreciated  because  of its natural  blending color yellow cream shade and uniform background. Also has high impact resistance and…

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