Driveway Pavers – Black

Frequent questions for costumers about volcanic/cantera stone pavers:

Question: Does the volcanic/cantera stone fades thru the time?

Answer: No volcanic/cantera stone never fades.

Question: Are the volcanic/cantera stone pavers a non-slip material?, even if it’s wet?

Answer: Yes, volcanic/cantera stone pavers has a natural non-slip surface that works even if it’s wet,  helping to prevent accidents around the transit areas.

Questions: Does the volcanic/cantera stone paver comes in different colors?

Answer: Yes, there are a beautiful range of volcanic/canter stone paver natural colors to choose from.

Question: Does the volcanic/canter stone paver comes in just the standard size and thicknesses  10”x10”, 10”x5”, 5”x5”x1-1” thick?

Answer: No, besides our standard size and thicknesses we do cut-to-size to any kind of project.

Question: Is volcanic/cantera stone pavers a durable material?

Answer: Yes, due to the stones abrasive nature, volcanic/canter stone is extremely durable, this igneous rock was once used by Mayan civilizations erecting roads,  cities and pyramids. This architectural projects that has inspired modern architects still stand today.