Driveway Pavers – Moka

Driveway Pavers – Moka

For most homes, the driveway is the most prominent exterior feature. It is the first thing most guests see when they arrive, and therefore, it deserves to be more than an afterthought in any exterior design plan. When considering a driveway, it is often a choice between durability and appearance.

Poured concrete is thought to be the most durable option for a driveway. This tried and true substance has been used for decades because it holds up well under daily wear and tear. Unfortunately, concrete is also one of the most unattractive options for any driveway. This is why some people have started to consider natural stone alternatives. The most popular natural alternative is travertine stone. While these pavers look good, they crack easily and are in constant need of repair.

However, smart homeowners should never have to pick between two extremes. For a natural look that endures over time, be sure to consider cantera stone for your driveway pavers. Cantera stone has been popular in architecture for years thanks to its unique texture and color. It is quarried for a wide range of purposes and comes in a variety of natural earth tones. As far as natural stones go, cantera stone has some of the most distinctive flecks, making it a fantastic aesthetic choice for driveway stone.

This natural stone not only looks amazing, but it has durability that outdoes most of the competition. Cantera stone absorbs air and heat without expanding. This allows the stone to endure wet and warm conditions, making it a great choice for driveway pavers. Since it is a naturally porous stone, it is also unusually lightweight, which gives it versatility.

Overall, your choice of driveway stone matters. To get the best look that will last for years, be sure to remember cantera stone.