Make a Statement with a Coral Fireplace

Many homeowners relish a fireplace as a way to anchor their living rooms, family rooms and even bedrooms. There is something very appealing about a crackling flame, but the truth is that most fireplaces do not live up to the expectation. In order to make your fireplace the focal point it was meant to be, consider an update in coral.A coral fireplace is a unique way to make your fireplace mantel stand out. While some people may opt for wood or other types of tile, these options can be underwhelming and far too normal to make a statement. Natural stones are very popular these days, and one of the best options is coral.

Compared to other natural stones, coral is ideal for many needs within a home. The non-skid surface has made coral very popular for pool decks and entryways, and since it is a stone native to the Caribbean, it is commonly used throughout the region. However, the distinct advantage of a coral fireplace is that the stones will never be hot to the touch. Coral stone does not absorb heat, so it stays cool to the touch even in sunlight and when next to a fire.

More than that, however, coral is very attractive. The stone is light colored with natural variegation that makes every piece distinct. The texture also varies from piece to piece, giving it added depth as a design element. Some people may consider using coral tile for their fireplace, but it is also possible to create a custom coral fireplace mantel for a truly refined look. Coral can be carved with a wide range of designs, making it easy to use for any style or decorating preference. Overall, coral can transform your fireplace from a forgettable feature into the centerpiece of your home.