Indian Red Volcanic Cantera

Stone Walkway in Beach Hotel. Indian Red Volcanic Cantera

Non-Slip Natural Paver Stone

Volcanic/Cantera stone pavers are igneous rocks (volcanic rocks). Its chemical composition makes it a non-slip surface, which is a great outdoor option in the stone market. Its high co-efficient of friction will provide a safe walking and playing surface for driveways, patios, walkways, terraces, community parks, and other areas.  Another benefit to the Volcanic/Cantera stone pavers is that it will require little or no maintenance, which will save time and money with bleach and pressure cleaning over time. Its high silica composition will reduce mildew and minimize the growth of other type of fungus within its porous.  Volcanic/Canter stone is a versatile, durable and reliable material. The ancient Mayan civilization used Volcanic/Cantera in the construction of structures  and pyramids thousands of years ago, which still stand today.

Do the test and judge by yourself.

1-    Sprinkle water on the surface of the Volcanic/Cantera stone,  slide your hand over it, and feel the texture traction.

2-    Sprinkle water on the surface of any other natural stone, slide your hand over it, and feel the texture traction…

See picture samples of commercial, hospitality and residence applications of this versatile natural stone.