Pool Copings – Square Edge

Pool Coping Square Edge has a straight finish. There is also a bull-nose shape available in different sizes.

Smoothly blending the pool deck with the pool edge, the coping has a distinctive style of its own. Sleek and sophisticated, the immense popularity of square-edge copings, for instance, has begun to eclipse the usual bullnose choice. Countering the flat top with rounded edges characteristic of bullnose copings, the straight, angular elegance of square-edge copings adds a distinguishing geometric touch to a pool, creating an image that is at once contemporary and classic.

Produced in-house and cut to the unique specifications of each pool, our pool copings proffer the height of excellence in construction along with unparalleled beauty. As connoisseurs of the finer things in life know, details matter. In this case, the details are commensurate with the graciousness of the most prestigious homes.