Stone Veneer

White coral stone panels 16″x24″x3/4″ Inches Filled & Honed. Bricktops Restaurant. Coral Gables, Florida

For a beautiful wall veneer, honed and filled coral stone stands head and shoulders above granite or steel. A wonderful example of this can be found at Bricktops restaurant, located in Coral Gables, Florida.

Coral stone is also used to surround pools, make stunning countertops, backsplashes and tabletops. In remodeled homes, the use of stone for wall veneer, fireplace and pool surrounds increases the property value.

Since coral is porous, it must be sealed to protect it from moisture and contaminants. Food and other debris can collect in the holes, promoting bacteria and mold growth. To create a smooth surface, the coral is honed or polished,
and the holes are filled with proprietary products. Depending on the intended use, sealers are applied so the stone can be used indoors or outside. Minimal care is required and the stone will last for a lifetime.