Decking Options

Deck Options

When it comes to swimming pool decks, there is no need to trade form for function. It’s more than possible to have a pool deck that looks phenomenal but also boasts a non-slip surface, minimal heat retention and other key characteristics. If you are looking for a pool stone deck material that truly has it all, coral stone pool pavers and tiles should be at the top of your list.

Decking Materials – The Top Benefits of Coral Stone

There are plenty of compelling reasons to use coral stone as pool deck material; a few of the best ones include:

– It creates a truly “cool deck.” Thanks to the naturally light coloring of coral stone, it reflects the light and maintains a very low temperature. This allows you to walk around it in your bare feet without having to worry about getting scorched.

– It doesn’t get slippery when it is wet. Many pool pavers become slick when water collects on them, but you never have to worry about that with coral stone.

– It is beautiful. Coral stone pool deck tiles are strategically cut to reveal gorgeous fossil patterns. Red, white and gold hues contrast with crystal blue water in a way that is nothing short of stunning.

– It enhances the value of your property. You can bolster the beauty and value of your home’s outdoor landscaping.

– It is versatile. Coral fossil stone is available in many thicknesses, patterns and sizes, which make it easy to achieve the look and layout that is right for you.

When you enhance your pool’s deck with coral stone, you don’t just get stylish pool stone and a cool deck – you get value-added design, extra safety and superior quality