Volcanic – Cantera

1- Volcanic/Cantera Stone is a generic term applied to natural stone derived from a quarry, given this definition it is comparable to marble, limestone and other sedimentary or metamorphic rocks.

2- Volcanic/Cantera Stone is an igneous type rock which is formed by volcanic activity of rhyolite, basaltic or andesite compositions. Pyramids, temples and roads were built thousands of years ago by the Mayan civilization of Central America and Mexico as well as most colonial cities and haciendas.

3- Volcanic/Cantera Stone was formed as the result of the mixing of lava flow and the softer rocks derived from the solidification of others materials present in volcanic eruptions.

4- Extreme pressure and temperatures caused these volcanic materials to mix with different types of rocks, fragments, crystals and shards that give Volcanic/Cantera Stone its particular porous and heterogenic look.

5- Depending on the quarry, it may either have many, or almost no rock fragments in it, the process of oxidation and the interaction with subterranean waters produce the unique spectrum of colors that the Volcanic/Cantera Stone uniquely possesses.

6- Volcanic/Canterra Stone also has special properties, its porosity and complex composition does not allow the stone to expand or contract in varying temperature and weather conditions. Furthermore, its porosity causes solar heat to be transferred to its interior causing a natural isolation. If used in outside walk ways, pool-decks, patios and drive ways the roughness causes a natural water no-slip surface preventing accidents around the pool. Finally its large silica content helps to reduce mildew or other fungi to be attached in its pores alleviating bleach and pressure cleaning over time.

Cantera Stone – Columns

Natural stone a unique way to add a beautiful accent to your home or project Volcanic/Cantera stone columns are a unique way to add  a beautiful  accent to your home or project either they are outside or inside. Choose from…

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Volcanic/Cantera Tiles, Pavers, Columns & Arches

Modern architects, interior designers and landscapers are using volcanic/cantera stone in their projects. The variety of natural colors allows volcanic/cantera stone to fit into a modern, rustic, or elegant setting ( interior/exterior projects),  adding a warm personal touch while enhancing…

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Outdoor Flooring

Volcanic/Cantera stone is probably the most desired with regards to adding up a great all natural look to your home particularly on driveways, pool decks, patios, terraces  or to any other areas of the house. It’s also used to design…

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Volcanic Cantera Stone Colors

Volcanic Cantera Stone Available Colors Variety of Volcanic Cantera paver colors Another benefit of Volcanic/Cantera driveway pavers is their variety of colors. These amazing range of colored stones helps to design any outdoor project for every taste and style furthermore, within…

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Volcanic Driveway Paver

Bonita Beach, Florida. Driveway: Tobacco Stone Pavers. Volcanic – Cantera Stone. Size: 12″x12″x2″ Inches. Volcanic/Cantera  Stone Pavers is the the best choice in exterior flooring.  Why…? A wide selection of natural colors that never fade and the  abrasive natural volcanic/cantera stone…

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Exterior Flooring

Volcanic Cantera stone Salmon and Coffe-Grey Explore the possibilities The design possibilities of volcanic/cantera stone pavers are limited only by your imagination.  The durability and decorative earthy colors will transform your outdoors into a beautiful area to be cherished for…

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Cabo San Lucas – Mexico

Volcanic Cantera stone. Columns, Walkways, Decks, Trims. Cabo San Lucas High End Hotel Volcanic Cantera stone absorbs air and humidity…perfect for any outdoor or wet areas. A unique quality of volcanic cantera stone is that it absorbs air and humidity without…

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Hotel Driveway

VOLCANIC/CANTERA TILES & PAVERS Salmon & Soft Grey Volcanic cantera stone driveway. Luxury Beach Hotel in Mexico. Set on concrete or sand: Volcanic/Cantera stone is increasingly gaining popularity for various external flooring and wall  applications for residential/commercial properties. This type of paving…

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Indian Red Volcanic Cantera

Stone Walkway in Beach Hotel. Indian Red Volcanic Cantera Non-Slip Natural Paver Stone Volcanic/Cantera stone pavers are igneous rocks (volcanic rocks). Its chemical composition makes it a non-slip surface, which is a great outdoor option in the stone market. Its high…

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