Pool Pavers – Coral Stone Pavers

Standard sizes 12x12x 1 3/5″ 12x24x 3/5″, 16x16x 1 3/5″, 24x48x1 3/5″
18x18x 1 3/5″, 16x24x1 3/5″,24x24x 1 3/5″ and 36x36x3/4″ Inches.

We cut to size.

There are many types of natural stones. They all offer beauty, exquisiteness, and magnificence. They are one of the many wonders of Mother Nature but not all natural stone is suitable for pool decking.

Natural Coral Stone acts as an insulator, rejects the heat from the sun. So your pool pavers will never retain the heat from the sun. Coral stone pavers will not crack.

Coral Stone is a very porous stone so it provides a natural nonskid surface, which makes an excellent choice for your  patio, or decks. Coral Stone is sometimes known as keystone and sometimes as coralina; these are the same stone.

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